Heathrow Airport to Birmingham Transfer

People who are travelling to variety of cities in England are often landing in one of London Airports. The biggest one of them when it comes to the number of passengers being served each year is obviously the Heathrow Airport. That is why, there is a huge probability that if you are going to visit England you may have to visit this airport. To continue your journey to the place of your destination, you will have to choose the way of transportation which you are going to use on your way. There are few options, but we are recommending you to use our private airport transfers, because we believe that this is the most efficient and the most effective way of them all. The city of Birmingham is located around 114 miles from London Heathrow Airport. That means, that to cover this distance you should drive for about 2 hours. The time of the journey depends on what type of transportation you are going to use to do this. This time should be achieved with our private airport transfer thanks to our well trained drivers and well maintained vehicles which are always reliable and we can count on them. Birmingham is often visited by tourist, because it has a lot of great and interesting attractions. It is a very big city with plenty of historical and architectural sights which are worth seeing. Another of plenty of reasons which people have to come to Birmingham is because they are studying there. That is right, Birmingham is also a great place for people to study and plenty of them are doing that. That is why, city is full of cultural events and a prosperous nightlife, because students like to take a little break after leatning and enjoy the attractions which the city has to offer. It is similar with the tourists who are craving to do something fun on their holiday.

Heathrow Bus vs. Shuttle Service

Because Birmingham is quite far from the Heathrow Airport, the journey by bus may take quite a long time. Especially, if you need to change on the way. That is why, we recommend you to book yourself our private airport transportation. Those services are door to door transportation. That is why, it is so much better than dropping off at the bus station in Birmingham. Especially, when you are there for the first time and have to find your way to the accommodation where you are going to stay.

Heathrow Airport Arrivals

If you are arriving to Heathrow Airport for the first time, you might be impressed by the size of it. Believe us, it is really big. Due to the size of the airport it might be sometimes difficult to find your way out after collecting the luggage. That is why, if you are booking our private airport transfer, we are sending a driver to await you at the arrival hall with your name written on a welcome board, so you can feel welcome in England. Drivers are always nice and polite, because we have them trained that way. They also have a great knowledge about the topography, so they will not get lost on their way.

Heathrow Airport Departures

You must know that all of our services are working both ways. That means that if you are travelling from Heathrow Airport to Birmingham, you may as well travel back which is from Birmingham to the Heathrow Airport for the same fixed price. We think that it is a great deal and also, we think it is the best solution to get to the airport on time, because our professional crew will pick you up on time, because in this case you are the one who is deciding about the pick up time, not us.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.